The body is gone, the spirit lives on
This page is dedicated to the instructor's from Martin's Karate System, Matawan School of Martial Arts and friends of MKS/ MSMA, who are no longer with us, who dedicated their lives to the Martial Arts and passing on their knowledge.

The name of the page is dedicated to Master Gene Malleus.  Malleus means hammer in latin.

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Master Gene Malleus, 7th Dan M.K.S.

Master Malleus started training in Isshinryu Karate with Shihan Martin in February, 1970.  At that time he met Mr. CK Kim, who was instructing Shihan Martin and his students in Taekwondo Jidokwan.

 In 1974 while an Engineering student at Rutgers University-New Brunswick Campus, he was unable to continue his studies at Martin's Karate Studio in Holmdel, New Jersey because of class schedules and commuting.

 Shihan Martin agreed it would be acceptable for Master Malleus to continue his martial arts studies with Master Ye Bong Choi, 7th Dan, in New Brunswick, New Jersey.  At that time, Master Choi was a senior instructor for the International Taekwondo Federation (ITF) teaching Taekwondo and Hapkido.

 In 1976 Master Malleus, while still a Brown Belt and an engineer with Chevron Oil, was asked to take over the Karate program at the Parlin, New Jersey YMCA.  Master Malleus continued teaching at the YMCA until June of 1980 and was selected as volunteer of the year for the YMCA South Division.

 Master Malleus returned to Martin's Karate in February, 1982 as a Brown Belt and began assisting Shihan Martin with the classes.

 In January, 1984, Mr. CK Kim, 9th Dan, promoted Master Malleus to 1st Dan in Taekwondo Jidokwan upon Shihan Martin's recommendation.  Mr. CK Kim had Master Malleus' rank certified at the Jidokwan Headquarters in Korea along with the other MKS Black Belts that had past their promotion test in January, 1984.

 In 1988 Master Malleus was selected by Shihan Martin and the MKS Black Belts as Black Belt of the year for the MKS school.

 Through the following years, Master Malleus participated as a student in many teaching seminars given by Mr. Mike Stone, first Heavyweight Black Belt point fighting champion; Mr. Joe Lewis, the first Professional Kick Boxing Association (PKA) Heavyweight Black Belt Champion; Mr. Bill "Superfoot" Wallace, the PKA Middleweight Black Belt Champion; and Professor Wally Jay, founder of the Little Circle style of Jui Jitsu.

 Through Shihan Martin's efforts, Master Malleus was appointed as a "C" class Official for the PKA officiating at full contact matches.

 Master Malleus has continually taught in the Martin's Karate System since 1982 and was promoted to his current rank of 7th Dan on April 5, 2008.

 When the Holmdel school closed in 1997 and the MKS Headquarters moved to Neptune, New Jersey, Mr. Dunn asked to open a school to maintain a MKS presence in the Bayshore area.

 Master Malleus, along with Master Pizzaro, wished to see Mr. Dunn succeed with his new school and agreed to assist in teaching at the Matawan School, with Shihan Martin's approval.

 Master Malleus is the third highest active instructor in MKS after Shihan Martin, 10th Dan and Master Richard Rodney, 8th Dan.

 Master Malleus continues to teach Taekwondo at the Matawan School while still managing engineering and construction projects for his clients.

 Engineering is his profession, but Taekwondo is his passion as a martial arts student.